10 Best Wireless Earphones In India Under 3000

10 Best Wireless Earphones In India Under 3000
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10 Best Wireless Earphones In India Under 3000

Hey, do You Want to purchase best wireless earphones under 3000 rs in India? If your answer is yes then you’re in the ideal location. Music is always the best way to eliminated stress and pain from our life.

Whenever it comes to purchasing a nice and high-quality earphone, we always look for the best earphone with greatest features under our budget.

On paper written things on the box do not tell the truth about the character of the headset, so, to figure out this sort of confusion you need better guidance from the specialist.

Here we’ve completed the listing of best wireless earphones under 5000, we also added buy link that might enable you to grab the offer.

Phonevsdesktop.com always tries to supplies you one of the excellent merchandise which perfectly comes under your budget section. With this list, we included a buy link which can help you to grab the offer.

How To Pick Best Earphone ( Purchasing Guide )

  • What’s Your Budget
    The main issue to purchase earphone is your budget variable prior to buying any earphone, you need to set your budget .
  • After determining the price for your preferred earphone, you need to check at the specification which accompanies the earphone, bass quality, audio quality and the earphone’s and the main thing durability of the earphone.


  • Before purchasing any earphone, be sure that it perfectly supports wireless connectivity if the budget is 1000 rs, and micro USB 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5mm audio jack connectivity if your budget is less than 1000 rs.


  • Some special earphones are created just for specific operating systems like IOS, Windows, and Android, so be sure your earphone is totally compatible with your device and smartphone.


  • The brand is the variable where people are drawn more towards any sort of merchandise, so try to get earphones that have more effective brand value in the front of the general public.

Sony WI-C300

Sony WI-C300 makes for an excellent buy. The audio on offer is crisp and detailed and the audio signature is fairly balanced, with all frequencies represented well in the audio mix.

The Sony WI-C300 includes 4 different color choice so it’s great to select a desirable color. Enjoy non-stop music with no break because this earphone includes powerpack battery life that produces 8 hours of audio playback time.

Its 9mm driver units produce ultra HD clyster clear audio quality that totally changed your audio experience.

Simply touch chosen NFC enabled devices to the body N-mark for fast easy connection, then start streaming content on the bluetooth wireless link.

No NFC? No problem since you can still manually join you earphone with the aid of Bluetooth wireless connectivity.


  • NFC connectivity
  • 8 hours of battery life
  • 9mm drivers
  • 4 color choice
  • 2 hours for charging

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Mivi Collar Neck Band

Mivi is Indian based electronic company manufacturing wireless earphones and other digital accessories.

Mivi wireless earphone comes with many upgraded latest features who completely boost your audio life.

The earphones are lightweight and can be worn for hours without any strain.

Having a 10 hours playtime enjoy nonstop music using a collar that will stay comfortably firm in place guarantee fatigue-free ear together with tangle-free comfort.

The dual pairing mode allows you to connect to two bluetooth device at one time for double the entertainment while having the ability to quickly switch between device also.

CVC 6.0 passive noise cancellation technology can isolate unwanted noise and supply crystal clear output.

Experience true to life HD stereo sound and thumping bass with an earphone that will connect to the audiophile in you.


  1. 10 hours of battery life
  2. 250 hours standby
  3. 2-3 hours of charging
  4. Crystal clear HD sound
  5. CVC 6.0 passive Noise isolation
  6. Dual pairing
  7. Stylish body
  8. Lightweight neckband design

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  • JBL E25BT

JBL E25BT Wireless Earphone comes with three different color options Black, Blue, and Red. JBL E25BT comes in classy looks with the comfortable and secure wearing of ear-buds.

JBL E25BT in-ear wireless headphones deliver the signature sound of JBL with around 8 hours of battery life and a convenient neck clip to keep them in place comfortably even over prolonged periods of usage.

You also easily switch out of music in your mobile device to a telephone from your phone so you never miss a call.

Add to this the convenience of a three-button remote and microphone and the various colours they come in, and you will have difficulty taking them off.

JBL E25BT earphone includes Lightweight Design, Noise cancellation, Complete phone controller, complete mobile device compatibility, simple yet wise technology cubes outcall all, 8 hours of music play time, compatible with IOS and ANDROID, 8-9 hours of talk time, 240 hours of standby time, 1years of producing warranty and 10 days return policy.


  1. Red, Blue and Black color option
  2. 8 hours of music play time
  3. Compatible with IOS and ANDROID
  4. 8-9 hours of talk time

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  • Skullcandy Ink’d

Owing to the premium-looking designs and special features, Skullcandy ink had earphone is in more need in 2019.

Weighing in at a featherlight 24 g, the low profile design of lnk’d wireless won’t cramp your style through all day listening.

Skullcandy lnk’d in wireless earphone includes 8 hours rechargeable battery that assist you to listen to music in the desired time period.

Stone a wireless but that will not cramp your style or your neck. At 24 featherlight g, you’ll forget it’s even there.

Do it all without ever touching your phone as a result of the built-in mic and distant that allow you to take calls and control your own music.

Supreme sound a sound isolating fit enhances the rich, clear sound of supreme sound across all kinds of music.


  1. 8 hours of battery life
  2. Noise isolation
  3. 5 color choices
  4. 30 feet range
  5. built-in mic
  6. lightweight design

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  • Sony WI C400

Sony is always providing you with a superior item, service, and content which provide an exciting encounter.

This earphone also includes a superior specification and build quality that never disappoints you while you utilizing this earphone.

Sony WI C400 earphones include four colour choices Red, Blue, Black and white, its comfortable low light layout never disappointing you while you utilizing this earphone.

Sony WI-C400 wireless neckband headphones are lightweight and provides perfect relaxation for day long wearing with its 20hrs of battery life it is the ideal companion for the commuting or for the listening hours using Bluetooth and NFC it simple to connect your smartphone into the headset.

The adjuster and stopper help you maintain your cable trimmed neatly out of the way on your headband. As a result, you won’t, you do not have to deal with the hassle of cable when you are on the Go


  1. Four color options
  2. 20 hours of battery life
  3. NFC
  4. Vibration alert
  5. Microphone
  6. Neckband design

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  • Toshiba RZE-BT300E

Toshiba Wireless Sports Earphone RZE-BT300E comes in classy appearances with the secure and comfortable wearing of ear-buds.

The ear-buds comes in three unique people with a magnetic latch on the rear of the ear-buds. So, when not being used, the magnets get stuck with one another and hence stop the earphone from falling down.

Fit securely and sends audio into your ears for complete, uninterrupted sound.

With in-line mike and call control features, RZE-BT300E provides you total control of your music and telephone call that makes it ideal for commuters, Gym fans, Sportspersons and journalists.

High fidelity crystal clear audio with deep and powerful bass ensures the maximum music quality so allow the magic of music fill your soul.


  • 3 different color options black, blue and green
  • Compatible with Ios, Windows, and Android
  • Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity
  • 4 hours of use on a charge
  • 2 device connectivity
  • USB charging port
  • Magnetic latch
  • Clear crystal

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  • JBL T205BT

When you combine magnets which ensure the earphones aren’t dangling when not in use, the tangle-free cable and also the comfort of the ergonomic ear-tips and neckband design, it’s easy to understand how the JBL T205BT headphones may become a crucial part of your daily music loving life.

Easy Button Control Unlike ordinary Bluetooth earbuds for workouts and running, this comfort-fit earbuds allows for simple and precise one-touch control situated on the neckband, you don’t have to remove the earbuds.

Hands-Free Calling Now you don’t have to stop what you’re doing at hand to answer a telephone. The wireless Bluetooth headset lets auto switching between calls and music.

As a result of the 6 hours battery life everybody can wirelessly stream JBL pure Bass sound and supply hands-free call management.

Within the premium housing is a set of 12.5millimeter drivers that will punch out some serious bass, while the soft, ergonomically shaped earbuds guarantee that the listing encounter stays comfy for long lasting hours.


  1. Hands-free calling
  2. 6 hours of battery life
  3. Charge in 2 hours
  4. Distinctive colors
  5. Lightweight
  6. Microphone

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  • TAGG Inferno

TAGG INFERNO wireless Bluetooth earphone includes durable design and comfy earbuds ensure that earphone always remains in place when jogging, running and Gyming.

Featured with CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology, these earbuds filters out background noise to ensure high-quality audio and supplies you better voice calls.

Invisible nano-coating technology shields earbuds against perspiration during the workout. From the cutting edge Bluetooth wireless technology to increase sound and material design.


  • IPX4 sweatproof resistance
  • 7 hours of music play time
  • compatible with IOS and ANDROID
  • 8-9 hours of talk time
  • Invisible nano-coating technology
  • 100mAh battery pack
  • CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology

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  • Plantronics Backbeat 105

Plantronics Backbeat 105 Wireless Headphone is our final choice this earphone includes very attractive lightweight body structure with black color option.

This Wireless Headphone includes Light and flexible layout, 8 Hours of audio and call on one charge, Vibration alert, All-day comfort one-touch controls earbuds block sound discreet, magnetic earbuds wireless listening.

When it’s time to impress yourself in music, Plantronics backbeat 105 comfort-fit earbuds block out ambient sound. During phone calls, your voice comes through clearly and vividly, thanks to microphone and technologies that reduce echoes and background sounds.


  1. Flexible design
  2. One-touch controls
  3. Magnetic earbuds
  4. Vibration alert
  5. 8 Hours of music and call

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  • Imore IBFree Sport

1More IBFree Sport Wireless Bluetooth Earphone is my first option, 1More IBFree Sport Bluetooth earphone is just one of the very best choice below this price section. It includes two colour possibilities Black and Red with silicone body substance.

1More IBFree Sport wireless Bluetooth earphone includes durable design and comfy earbuds ensure that earphone always remains in place whilst jogging, running and Gyming.

IPX 6 water security guarantee long-lasting resilience to outside conditions and rigorous workout and may withstand heavy splashing from any direction.

The inline remote controller is conveniently situated allowing you to easily command quantity, select tunes, and take calls.

The 1more iBfree game analog in-ear earphone has engineered a way to decrease the radiations generated from analog beams by redesigning and shifting the bluetooth antenna into the remote controller that’s far from the conventional place in the earplugs.

In the cutting edge Bluetooth wireless technologies to enhance the substance and audio style, outstanding battery life and client service.



  1. Red and Black color option
  2. IPX6 Water and sweatproof
  3. 8 hours of music play time
  4. Compatible with IOS and ANDROID
  5. 8-9 hours of talk time

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This really is actually the most useful ear-phones at India Beneath 3000 rs that we advised to you personally whether you’ve got better hints for all of us kindly reveal your views while in the remark segment.

For those who have some question on mind seeing these finest analog earphones underneath 3000 rs checklist then you should don’t hesitate to consult any such thing we’ll do our very best to eliminate your inquiries once you possibly can.

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